Career Coaching

Do you ever wonder if there’s something else out there for you, a career that is in alignment with you and you actually enjoy going to each day? 

Are you second guessing the career path you have chosen? 

Would you love to gain career clarity, direction and a roadmap to get there?

If you answered yes to any of the above and want to fast track your results to propel your career – let’s talk. 


My Career Coaching journey evolved as I witnessed many people who simply did not enjoy their job. They feel lost, stuck and even trapped in their current employment situation. I noticed people not having any luck with job searching or their desired career progression.  Many wanting a complete career change, searching for the elusive job satisfaction and career fulfillment. They had chosen a certain career path, to later learn this is not actually what they want to be doing for the next 30 odd years until retirement. 

Which one are you…?

1.    “I need clarity and direction on my career path? I’m stuck at a fork in the road and unsure which way to go. I’m unsure what my passion is when it comes to my career. Something has to change.”

(Sound like you? See 30 Days To Career Clarity program or E-DISC Behavioural profiling session).

2.   “I have a clear career goal. I know what I want and am ready to fast track my job search and put my best foot forward. I want a mentor that will get me to my goal as quick as I can. I need accountability and guidance with my personal brand, job applications, interview skills and LinkedIn.”

(If this is you see our group mentoring and coaching program below or learn more > ‘Career Roadmap Membership‘).

3.   “I’m ready to play a bigger game. In not only my career, my life too. I want to live in alignment with who I am in both my career and life. Working in my zone of genius, in a more meaningful career, where I can make an impact, lead and inspire others.”

(If this is you see Private Coaching. No cookie-cutter approach. An exclusively tailored program suited to you and your needs.

How we can work together?

1 – self-paced online program (Career Clarity)
2 – group coaching, mentoring & online program (Career Roadmap Membership)
3 – all inclusive private, one-to-one coaching (Career Alignment)

To learn more about what suits you best, book a chat here.

Career Coaching Programs

 1. Career Clarity

30 Days to Career Clarity.


Are you feeling lost, lacking direction and clarity in your career? Still wondering what you want to be when you grow up? If you are ready to start enjoying what you do for a living, feeling satisfied and fulfilled at work. Lets unlock your potential, find your passion and discover what you were born to do, your genius zone.


What to expect:

In this self-paced online program, I guide you through the steps I have taken to get clear on my career path, who I am as a person, my passion, my calling, what my values are and my superpowers.

Every second day over the 30 days, you will have a live video and accompanying activity for you to complete. That’s 16 activities in total.

Click Enroll Now to further explore the activities in the program.


What’s included:

  • 30 Day self-paced online program (2 months access)
  • 20 activities to complete with worksheets
  • 1:1 session with Career Coach, Sally Watson (45-mins) to be used within 2 months from purchase date

Package Options:  $299

To customise with private coaching – select ‘Chat with Sally’ below.

2. Career Roadmap Membership

Jump-Start Your Job Search and fast track getting hired


Are you ready to hit the ground running with your job search and land a job you actually want!
Fast track your job search with a comprehensive career coaching program.


What to expect:
In this monthly membership you will create (and action) your career roadmap, with a successful job search strategy. All with personalised coaching support from our team of career coaches on-hand.


What’s included:

  • Weekly group coaching and mentoring sessions (evening and lunchtime sessions)
  • Personal review and feedback on your marketing material (résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and value proposition statement).
  • Ongoing access to our online portal program with educational lessons, covering:
    • Goal Setting & a Success Mindset
    • Job Search Strategy + Searching Hacks
    • Personal Branding
    • Résumé & Cover Letters templates and tutorials
    • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation
    • Learn LinkedIn to be seen in your industry
    • Networking and the ‘hidden job market’
    • Develop & manage recruiter relationships effectively
    • Interview Skills & Salary Negotiation
    • Special Guest Interview’s (recorded and live sessions) with National Recruitment Manager of a large corporate organisation and expert recruiter’s from varying Recruitment Agencies
    • Downloadable Job Search Tracker to track and measure your progress
    • Access to many worksheets and resources
  • Access to The Career Community in Facebook for continual support and Q&A’s.

Package Options:  $229/ month  (minimum membership 3-months)

*membership can be cancelled anytime.

3. Career Alignment

Create Your Career  Success and live in alignment with who you are


Are you ready to step it up in your work and life arena? Want a more meaningful career. Time to take responsibility and create your own success? That is, your version of success. Where you are completely fulfilled, living in alignment and thriving at work. All private coaching programs are customised to you (no cookie-cutter approach here). Book a Strategy Session with Sally now.


What to expect:
The starting point to our one-to-one coaching typically kicks off with a deep dive into who you are and why you do what you do. We cut straight to the chase utilising Extended DiSC Behavioural Profiling Tool. This is an advanced online questionnaire to determine your natural behaviour and energy type. Followed by a 90-minute unpack coaching session. The E-DiSC tool lays the foundation for your coaching program to identify quickly your strengths, gaps/development areas, motivators and de-motivators that will allow you to unlock your potential and achieve you goals quicker.


Program Menu:

  • E-DiSC Behaviour Profiling
  • Create Your Career Vision & Goals
  • Values Elicitation & Design
  • 6 Core Needs & Your Decision Drivers
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs
  • NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming)
  • Meta Dynamics TM
  • Critical Alignment Model (CAM)
  • Strategy Elicitation & Redesign
  • Disney Creative Strategy
  • Your Success (online personal development program) (Value $997)



  • eDISC Behaviour Profiling assessment & 90-min unpack coaching session
  • Access to online course content, specific to your needs
  • Email/Text/Messenger support for the duration of the program
  • Access to our private Facebook support group, The Career Community.


The coaching sessions are designed to support your journey to living a great life, with a purpose-driven career.


Package Price: starting from $499/ month

One-Off Coaching Sessions
  • Career Coaching

  • AUD$299session
  • 60-minute strategic coaching sessions designed to work through any current career challenges you are facing. Such as, to gain clarity or direction with your career, set your job search strategy, goal setting and action plans.

    Completed via phone or zoom (video call).

    2 x sessions can be purchased for $397.

  • Interview Coaching

  • AUD$299session
  • Ready to showcase the best version of YOU in your next interview and bring the ‘wow’ factor?
    Want some mindset techniques to overcome those nerves and instantly feel confident?
    Move past your limiting beliefs, to show your true greatness in your interview and land your ideal job.

    I absolutely love interviews. With over 13 years’ experience interviewing applicants, I am confident you will get so much gold from this session, in terms of technicalities and mindset hacks.

    What the session includes: 

    • Interview preparation worksheet, to guide you through how to prepare for an interview
    • 90-minute coaching session (via zoom), recorded for you to keep
    • Interview Tips sheet, including TOP 50 Interview Questions and the best questions for you to ask at the end of the interview
    • Salary negotiation tips & advice

  • Extended DISC Unpack Session

  • AUD$499session
  • Want to dive deeper into who you are and why you do what you do? Would you love to know what is draining your energy and what your natural genius zone is? Discover if your current career path is energetically aligned to who you are in this eDISC Behavioural Profiling Unpack Session.

    What the session includes: 

    • 90-minute unpack coaching session (via zoom), interpreting your behavioural profile, natural energy type, aligned career pathways, development areas and more. (Recorded for you to keep)
    • 20-page report on your behavioural profile, including strengths/development areas, motivators, de-motivators (in the workplace), communication style, leadership style and more