Career Coaching

Do you ever wonder if there’s something else out there for you, a career that is in alignment with you and you actually enjoy going to each day? 

Are you second guessing the career path you have chosen? 

Would you love to gain career clarity, direction and a roadmap to get there?

If you answered yes to any of the above and want to fast track your results to propel your career – let’s talk. 

Which one are you…?

1.    “I need clarity and direction in my career? I feel lost, like I’m at a fork in the road and unsure which way to go. I don’t know what my passion is when it comes to my career. I’m frustrated. Something has to change.”

(Sound like you? See Career Clarity program below or E-DISC Behavioural profiling session).

2.   “I know what I want. I have a clear career goal and want to fast track my job search, put my best foot forward and progress or pivot my career. I want a mentor that will get me to my goal as quick as I can. I need accountability as well as guidance on curating my personal brand, nailing job applications, interviews and LinkedIn.”

(If this is you see our Career Roadmap Membership below).

3.   “It’s time to play a bigger game. In my career and my life. I want to to step up and live in alignment with who I am in both my career and life. Working in my zone of genius, in a more meaningful career, where I can make an impact, lead and inspire others.”

(If this is you see Private Coaching below, tailored to suit you and your needs *by application only).

Career Coaching Programs
Career Clarity
Online Program

30 Days to Career Clarity:

  • 2 months of access to the online program
  • 30 x self-discovery videos
  • 18 x self-discovery activities
  • 1 x 45-min private coaching session with Sally Watson



$77 per week

Career Roadmap
  • Online Career Roadmap program to fast track getting hired!
  • 12 x weekly group coaching sessions with Sally Watson
  • Résumé & Cover Letter templates and ‘how to’ tutorials
  • Personalised feedback on your applications prior to submission
  • 12 x educational modules covering:
  • Mindset & Goal Setting
    • Job Search Strategy
    • Personal Branding
    • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation
    • Leverage LinkedIn
    • Networking & ‘the hidden job market’
    • Manage recruiter relationships
    • Interview Skills
    • Salary Negotiation
  • Special Guest Interview’s
  • Job Search Tracker to download



$229 per month

Career Alignment
Private Coaching

Personalised one-to-one coaching program to have a more meaningful career, aligned with who you are.


Access to 2 online programs:

  • Career Clarity & Career Roadmap
  • Gain career clarity
  • Extended DISC behavioural profiling
  • Personal values elicitation & design
  • Breakthrough roadblock
  • Bust limiting beliefs
  • Regular coaching sessions, weekly, fortnightly or monthly

3, 6 or 12-month programs

From $799/month

*by application only

One-Off Coaching Sessions
  • Career Coaching

  • AUD$299session
  • 60-minute strategic coaching sessions designed to work through any current career challenges you are facing. Such as, to gain clarity or direction with your career, set your job search strategy, goal setting and action plans.

    Completed via phone or zoom (video call).

    2 x sessions can be purchased for $397.

  • Interview Coaching

  • AUD$399session
  • Ready to showcase the best version of YOU in your next interview and bring the ‘wow’ factor?
    Want some mindset techniques to overcome those nerves and instantly feel confident?
    Move past your limiting beliefs, to show your true greatness in your interview and land your ideal job.

    I absolutely love interviews. With over 13 years’ experience interviewing applicants, I am confident you will get so much gold from this session, in terms of technicalities and mindset hacks.

    What the session includes: 

    • Interview preparation worksheet, to guide you through how to prepare for an interview
    • 90-minute coaching session (via zoom), recorded for you to keep
    • Interview Tips sheet, including TOP 50 Interview Questions and the best questions for you to ask at the end of the interview
    • Salary negotiation tips & advice

  • Extended DISC Unpack Session

  • AUD$499session
  • Want to dive deeper into who you are and why you do what you do? Would you love to know what is draining your energy and what your natural genius zone is? Discover if your current career path is energetically aligned to who you are in this eDISC Behavioural Profiling Unpack Session.

    What the session includes: 

    • 90-minute unpack coaching session (via zoom), interpreting your behavioural profile, natural energy type, aligned career pathways, development areas and more. (Recorded for you to keep)
    • 20-page report on your behavioural profile, including strengths/development areas, motivators, de-motivators (in the workplace), communication style, leadership style and more