Career Coaching - Sally Watson
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Career Coaching

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Do you ever wonder if there’s something else out there for you, a career that is in alignment with you and you actually enjoy going to each day? 

Are you second guessing the career path you have chosen? 

Would you love to gain career clarity and direction?

If you answered yes to any of the above and want to fast track your results to propel your career – let’s talk. 


My Career Coaching journey evolved as I witnessed many people who simply did not enjoy their job. They feel lost, stuck and even trapped in their current employment situation. I noticed people not having any luck with job searching or their desired career progression.  Many wanting a complete career change, searching for the elusive job satisfaction and career fulfillment. They had chosen a certain career path, to later learn this is not actually what they want to be doing for the next 30 odd years until retirement. 

Can you relate….

“I want a complete career change, to rebrand and reinvent my career. Yet, I need clarity and guidance on what is the right direction for me. I want to find my passion, my calling and understand what career is best aligned with me and my zone of genius. Then of course, I want an action plan to make it happen.”

(If this is you see 30 Day Self-Discovery Program or DISC Behavioural profiling session).

“I know what I want and am ready to fast track my job search and put my best foot forward. I want direction, guidance and accountability, particularly with my personal brand, applications, interviews and LinkedIn.”

(If this is you see our strategic coaching program: ‘Jump-Start Your Job Search‘).

“I’m ready for the next level in my career, to move up and step into my zone of genius. I want a meaningful career, where I can make an impact, lead and inspire others.”

(If this is you see Private Coaching: Take The Lead package).

How we can work together: self-paced online programs, group and  private (1:1) coaching and mentoring. To learn more about what suits you best, book a chat (no-obligation) here.

Career Coaching Programs

 Career Changer

30 Day Self-Discovery Program to finding your passion, your calling, your zone of genius


Are you feeling lost, lacking direction and clarity in your career? Still wondering what you want to be when you grow up?

If you are ready to start enjoying what you do for a living, feeling satisfied and fulfilled at work, lets unlock your potential and discover what you were born to do, your genius zone.


What to expect:

In this online program, I guide you through the steps I have taken to get clear on not on my career, but who I am as a person. My passion, my calling, what my values are and my superpowers.

Every second day over the 30 days, you will have a live video and accompanying activity for you to complete. That’s 16 activities in total.

Here is a snapshot of some of the activities:

– Wheel of Life assessment
– The Path To Clarity
– Move Past Limiting Beliefs
– Skills Audit
– Your Personal Values
– Your Superpowers
– Styles of Thinking

What’s included:

  • 30 Day Self-Discovery online program (2 months access)
  • 16 activities to complete with worksheets

Package Options:  $299

*Recommendation: add-on eDISC Behavioural Profiling Session for a deeper dive into you.

Career Transition Program

Jump-Start Your Job Search and fast track getting hired


Are you ready to hit the ground running with your job search and land a job you actually want!
Fast track your job search with a comprehensive career coaching program.

What to expect:
In this program you will learn the key ingredients to curating a successful job search strategy. You will get clear on and define your career goal. You will develop your personal brand and value statement (elevator pitch), set your job search strategy, craft your résumé and cover letter, optimise your LinkedIn profile and learn foundational interview skills. All with personalised coaching support from our team of career coaches.

What’s included:

  • 6-months access to the online program
  • 3-months coaching support
    • 3 x private (one-to-one) coaching sessions
    • 3 x group coaching sessions
  • Personalised review and feedback on your résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and Elevator Pitch.
  • Educational Masterclasses, covering:
    • Goal Setting & Mindset
    • Job Search Hacks
    • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation
    • Leverage the Hidden Job Market
    • Interview Skills
    • Salary Negotiation
    • Special Guest Interview with National Recruitment Manager of a large corporate organisation
    • Special Guest Interview with an expert Recruiter from a Brisbane Recruitment Agency

Package Options:  3 monthly payments of $349  |  One-time Payment $997

Private Coaching

Take The Lead – up-level your career 


Are you ready to step it up at work and score that promotion you have been thinking of? Feel like something has been stopping your or holding you back? This is a comprehensive coaching program designed to reinvent yourself as a leader in your field.


What to expect:
This coaching package commences with an eDISC Behavioural Profiling assessment, this is an online questionnaire to determine your natural behaviour and energy type. We then carry out a 90-minute ‘unpack’ coaching session. This assessment lays the foundation for your 6-month coaching program to unlock your potential and discover your strengths, development areas, motivators and de-motivators that will allow you to up-level your career:

Defining your vision, setting your goals and creating a strategy to achieve it. Discovering your core needs to a fulfilling career. Uncovering your personal values, strengths and transferrable skills. Crafting your elevator pitch. Nailing your personal brand.  Overcoming challenges, self-sabotage or personal blockers. Review and advice on your résumé, cover letter & LinkedIn profile. Leveraging the hidden job market, networking, interview coaching and setting you up for success.


What’s included:
+ eDISC Behaviour Profiling assessment & 90-min unpack coaching session
+ 12 x coaching sessions (6 x private and 6 x group sessions)
+ 12-months access to Your Success online personal development program
+ Access to self-paced online course 30 Day Self-Discovery Program
+ Access to self-paced online course Jump-Start Your Job Search
+ Worksheets & resources to action between the coaching sessions
+ Email/Text/Messenger support for the duration of the program
+ Access to our private Facebook support group, The Career Community.


The coaching sessions are designed to support your self-discovery journey to up-leveling your career and making an impact. The private coaching is adaptable to your needs, meaning if there is a particular issue you are facing at that point, we cover that.


Package Price: 6 monthly payments of $499 |  One-time Payment $2900

*Additional months can be purchased for $399 per month (2 sessions/mth)

One-Off Coaching Sessions
  • Career Coaching

  • AUD$247session
  • 60-minute strategic coaching sessions designed to work through any current career challenges you are facing. Such as, to gain clarity or direction with your career, set your job search strategy, goal setting and action plans.

    Completed via phone or zoom (video call).

    2 x sessions can be purchased for $397.

  • Interview Coaching

  • AUD$297session
  • Ready to showcase the best version of YOU in your next interview and bring the ‘wow’ factor?
    Want some mindset techniques to overcome those nerves and instantly feel confident?
    Move past your limiting beliefs, to show your true greatness in your interview and land your ideal job.

    I absolutely love interviews. With over 13 years’ experience interviewing applicants, I am confident you will get so much gold from this session, in terms of technicalities and mindset hacks.

    What the session includes: 

    • Interview preparation worksheet, to guide you through how to prepare for an interview
    • 90-minute coaching session (via zoom), recorded for you to keep
    • Interview Tips sheet, including TOP 50 Interview Questions and the best questions for you to ask at the end of the interview
    • Salary negotiation tips & advice

  • eDISC Unpack Session

  • AUD$347session
  • Want to dive deeper into who you are and why you do what you do? Would you love to know what is draining your energy and what your natural genius zone is? Discover if your current career path is energetically aligned to who you are in this eDISC Behavioural Profiling Unpack Session.

    What the session includes: 

    • 90-minute unpack coaching session (via zoom), interpreting your behavioural profile, natural energy type, aligned career pathways, development areas and more. (Recorded for you to keep)
    • 20-page report on your behavioural profile, including strengths/development areas, motivators, de-motivators (in the workplace), communication style, leadership style and more