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Hi, I’m Sally,


A Career Coach dedicated to empowering and equipping you for your next career. (Read more in ABOUT)

In my experience, I have come to learn that a lot of people do not enjoy or are not happy in what they do for a living.

Can you relate?


Do you;


  • Feel stagnant in your career.
  • Lack confidence in applying for a new job.
  • Have no idea what you ‘want to be when you grow up!’ …. Or;
  • Shoot out applications left, right and centre with no strategy in place… basically, setting yourself up for failure.

Is the thought of putting together an application and résumé daunting? Or a burden on you and your time?

Are you straining your memory to construct your ‘career autobiography’ and all the duties, tasks, projects, accountabilities and key achievements that you have accomplished?


Let alone typing it up in a clear, captivating and powerful manner! Urgh! Who wants to do that?! Not you? No problem, we do.


And what about your Cover Letter, does the thought of ‘talking yourself up’ make you squirm? Identifying your strengths and motivation for the role, sound painful?  


Are you considering applying for opportunities in the Government? Have you ever tackled the beast that is a Selection Criteria or Suitability Statement? If so, you will know how thorough, detailed and time consuming they are. I have not met many job seekers that enjoy doing a selection criterion. Find out more or get in touch:

Book your FREE 15 minute enquiry call

What about your ‘online brand’?

Are you on LinkedIn?


If you’re not – it’s a good idea to get on there! In this evolving world we live in, having a professional online presence is a must.
LinkedIn is a highly effective search engine – meaning YOU can be found by potential employers (rather than you doing the searching).

It is also a professional networking platform (that’s right, networking online from the comfort of your own home, in your PJ’s – glass of red in hand).


We all know how important networking is… heard the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. This doesn’t mean that your only chances of scoring a new job is through Uncle Bob in the family hardware business. It means people recommend people. Once there is a face to the name, some conversing happening, and aligned skills, then voila Bob’s your Uncle! Foot in the door (not the hardware store) but the company and department you are interested in, through your targeted approach on LinkedIn.


Oh wait!

Formalities next, “can you please send your résumé to the HR department!”

Keen to Do It Yourself?
Ready to upskill?
ant to learn exactly how to create your own résumé & cover letter?

Introducing our brand new online program: 

How To Create A Résumé That Actually Gets Noticed!

In this mini-course, you not only get access to our winning templates, you will learn the exact steps that we use to create stand out résumés and cover letters!

Résumés (CV’s), Cover letter’s, Selection Criteria, LinkedIn Profiles….. they all take time and cut into your time! We all lead busy lives and our time is precious. Whether it’s precious moments with your family, your busy work schedule, the small pocket of time you were going to squeeze in the gym, a catch up with friends on the weekend, Netflix & Chill with yours’ truly or some much-needed self-care.

Our Services

Career & Mindset Coaching

Résumé & Cover Letters

Online Courses

Job Search Strategy | Interview Coaching

Selection Criteria Review & Edit

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

If you are thinking, yes Sally this all sounds well and good, but I’m  stuck with what to do next?

I feel lost, like I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up? 


If you are feeling lost or stuck at a fork in the road and unsure which way to go?
Perhaps you’ve even had a successful career and suddenly you’ve realised this is not what you want to be doing for the X amount of years’ till retirement? 


Maybe you’ve gone through a major change in your life such as redundancy, job loss, time taken to raise a family. These circumstances often give us the opportunity to reflect on our career. We take stock and realise the career I’m in is not or no longer my passion. 


Or you’ve got to that point where you are tired, overworked, underpaid and frankly turned bitter in your chosen field and want (possibly NEED) a change. 

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Whichever it is for you, if you are stuck and searching for clarity on your next move, this is totally fine! This is what I love. Working together to discover your passion. Your true calling.


Find out more about my Career Coaching service here or book your FREE 15-minute ENQUIRY CALL here. To discover if I am the right fit for you. 


Still unsure that I can deliver you an engaging, captivating and persuasive application to score your dream job? Don’t take my word for it, read what my clients have to say…


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